Analytical Testing Services

Whatever the analytical challenge, Applied Analytical delivers

In a world where a few parts per billion can make the difference between shipping a product or not, trust the most reliable analytical testing laboratory for your contract analytical testing services.
Applied Analytical delivers analytical testing services in the chemical, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and electronics industries. Click For more Info>>

Top-tier Analytical Services Laboratory

Barry J. Streusand, Ph.D.


Applied Analytical, Inc.

"For over 18 years we scientists at Applied Analytical, Inc. have been helping industries, scientists, and engineers with their products, processes, and quality. Our expertise in handling and analyzing chemicals, water, gases, metals, and materials can help with your needs as well. We routinely handle reactive, ultrapure, and difficult to analyze samples. We look forward to working with you."



State of the Art

Top-tier Analytical Services Laboratory


>Deliver top-tier trace elemental, molecular, and ion analysis


Applied Analytical is not a typical analytical services laboratory consider the more than 85 major chemical corporations that depend on us to deliver top-tier trace elemental, molecular, and ion analysis.


Analytical services laboratory customers include many of the world's largest companies, as well as government agencies, research institutions, universities in addition to local Austin, Texas customers.


Applied Analytical invites you to learn how we can work with you to deliver high-quality analytical testing services.
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State of the Art

Specialized Chemical and Gas Analysis


>Leading edge of specialized chemical and gas analysis


Applied Analytical is on the leading edge of specialized chemical and gas analysis. Highly advanced processes play an integral role in semiconductor industry, electronics industry, pharmaceutical industry, petrochemical industry, and chemical industry development.


Analytical testing services include air-sensitive chemicals, corrosive chemicals, reactive chemicals, custom chemicals, among other specialized chemicals and gases analysis.
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